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About Garden Planner's Landscaping

Owned and Operated by Rod Hanley, Garden Planner’s Landscaping have been designing and constructing residential gardens throughout the eastern suburbs of Melbourne since 1987, beginning with maintenance and evolving into a company that proudly provides all facets of domestic garden design and construction as well.

Top designers including John Patrick (Gardening Australia) and Rick Eckersley have often sought Rod out, knowing his attention to detail and dedication to functionality would assist them in making their designs a reality.

Rod credits working with such talented designers along with his own research to giving him a better understanding of the importance of good garden design and style marrying with practicality and functionality. This understanding and respect have led to him creating a myriad of quality projects today.  
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Garden Planner's Landscaping has been a member of Landscape Victoria (formally Landscape Industries Association of Victoria, LIAV) since 1998.  Rod has served on the LIAV Board for six years, retiring as Treasurer and Vice President in 2005 and serving on several sub committees since then.

Garden Planner's Landscaping are also accredited Green Gardeners and members of Sustainable Gardening Australia (SGA), with Rod strongly respecting the need to care for our environment.  He continually studies methods of sustainability in order to ensure the company's work has minimal environmental impact, whether designing, constructing or maintaining.

The cornerstone of Garden Planner's Landscaping was formed back in the 80s when Rod decided that if he was to work with such quality designers he would construct to the highest quality and standards, so that the garden would maintain its structural integrity for many years to come while achieving the designer’s intent.  He has fulfilled this desire time and again, which is why Garden Planner's Landscaping is so successful today, winning LIAV Awards for Excellence for the quality of their designs and construction on a number of occasions.

The most important thing at Garden Planner's Landscaping is to make each client's vision of their garden a reality with perfect design and functionality.  It is why Garden Planner's Landscaping treat everyone's garden as if it is their own.