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Things to Consider

Prior to designing your garden, we encourage you to take the time to consider your needs and wants, likes and dislikes.  The style of your house and your personal tastes will influence your garden design.  You may like to discuss your garden with your family and friends for more ideas, as well as take notes and collect pictures of favourite gardens to refer to when designing your own.  

Try to focus on what you want your garden to be, and consider the following tips below to help you create an outdoor space that suits your needs and satisfies your desires.

Things to consider that may assist with your planning:

Who will be the main users of the garden and how will they use its spaces?  Will they want an entertainment area, an open lawn for play, a quiet reading nook or a place to park a car?

It is important to consider all users of the outdoor space. Do you have children? How old are they? What outdoor activities do they enjoy?

What pets do you have? How do you want them to use the space? Do they have specific requirements?

House Plans 
Do you have scale plans of your property?  Any recent plans showing how the house is sited on the block, its dimensions, other relevant structures, etc, would be helpful for the designer when drafting the base plan.

Inspiration from Books, Magazines and Online
Collect pictures from books or magazines that show the style of garden you prefer or features you would like incorporated into your garden. 

Are there important features you would like in your new garden?
Create a detailed list of the items and areas you would like to incorporate into your new garden - a lawn for play, an entertaining area for family and friends, a swimming pool, paved paths, a vegetable garden, a water feature, etc.

Are there difficult areas within your existing garden? 
Consider the problem areas in your existing garden and detail how these impact your use of the space and what improvements you would like to see - Are there any dark, damp areas, or dry/shady areas under a large tree?  Is there a lack of space for bins or for clothes drying?

Create a list of your plant preferences. There may be plants you love, or plants you have an emotional attachment to.  You might want a working garden filled with vegetables, herbs and fruit.  Make sure you also list any plants you don’t like!

Favourite colours
Create a list of your plant colour preferences.  Do you prefer bright, bold colours or pastels?  Do you appreciate the subtlety in the variation of a plant's foliage colour and texture?  Or do you enjoy a combination of them all? 

In order for expectations to be met, it is important to give our designers an indication of your budget.  With their years of experience, our designers will be able to advise on approximate costs and what can realistically be achieved.

Care and Maintenance of the Garden after Construction
How much time do you want to spend caring for your garden once it has been designed and installed? What gardening tasks would you like to attend to?  Would you like one of our maintenance staff to assist you?  Or would you prefer that we fully maintained your garden, leaving you free to simply enjoy living in it while watching it flourish?


At Garden Planner's Landscaping it's all about you and what you want from your garden.  We design, construct and maintain your area with pride and passion, creating outdoor spaces that engage your senses and improve your lifestyle.

The way we see it... At Garden Planner's Landscaping, your garden is our garden.